Graphical/Text Access Counter and Hits Logger in One How To

This feature allows you to add a graphical counter to your website, you also get a full set of statistics for the page the counter is on.

Basic Configuration

You counter has been installed to:-


To see your counters in action please visit:-


To create a counter and get the HTML code to put in your website please visit:-


Advanced Configuration

For more details we suggest you read the documentation for this CGI Script, this can be found at:-



If Something Goes Wrong

Even though we recommend that you do not edit the .cgi, .php or .pl files sometimes things can still go wrong, for example you may have edited a html file and accidentally removed a special html tag. If you do have to edit the .cgi, .php or .pl files then make sure you upload it to the server in ASCII mode, otherwise the script will not execute.

To fix any issues like this, delete all the files in the directory the script is installed to and then re-install the script.

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