Dr. Marshall was suggesting to a particular caller that significant benefit can be rapidly gained in raising pH by adding Vitamin D3.
(Of course his company makes the world's only naturally derived and excepient-free Vitamin D, for a fraction the price of any competitor).

The caller respectfully interrupted and stated,
"We were taught to take Vitamin D this way, I don't know if you approve. We just put a couple of drops on the back of the hand and lick it off."

Dr. Marshall's response elicited seconds of genuine cachination, out-loud laughing.

"Yes," he said, "on the left hand."

Pausing only a fraction of a second that good timing requires, he completed his own sentence.

"... because no one shakes that hand."

MisterShortcut was stunned into a micro-second of silence.
Then came guffaws of happy laughter at recognizing Marshall's wit.

Life and death information in a single funny line. Par for the course.

MisterShortcut endorsed being known as a Marshalist, of course.
Imitating Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes is the longevity course.
Two hundred hours of Dr. Marshall on air IS a health course.
This man, and Dr. Forbes, are among our great inventors.
Heed this carefully, if you are learning it just now.
These two have given not one but three giants,
three of the top ten inventions of the century.
Nothing in the 21st century will be the same.
Even putting aside Quantum Reflex Analysis for the moment,
the advent of the modified laser has no equal on the planet.
You can instantly measure the effects of using a modified laser.
It literally remediates whatever its beam touches, in several ways.
As the price comes down, every one of us needs a half-dozen of them.