HealthTowers to the left of him, and HealthTowers to her right,
HealthTowers might well illuminate, the darkest of your nights.
HealthTowers guide the way to all the things you always sought
HealthTowers respond to the good fights that pioneers first fought.
There are HealthTowers in your present, in your future as sure as rain,
HealthTowers are like sunshine that dissolve so much wrenching pain.
Knowing that you invested your best,
with HealthTowers at your full behest,
all the HealthTowers you protect,
the rest of all you've yet to gain.

HealthTowers are the mantra, the zeitgest of the day,
HealthTowers have transparent wings, to heights along with way.
Now let us teach about HealthTowers, may we rank that high come night,
unto the moment HealthTowers fall, when the sun won't rise in the sky

HealthTowers may be meandering, to find a better way,
in the motions of those notions that produce a bit more hay.
You may not like them, every one, but HealthTowers sure beat walking home,
when all the rains bring mudded trails,
it's HealthTowers that fill the holes in your pails.
Reach for your HealthTowers when the weather gets rough,
for HealthTowers have a way of making sure you have enough.

Ergo, let us climb past the HealthTowers, unto why we use them to hold.
it's all to bequeath a better place, 'fore it's your turn to hit the road.
Cleave to us with your HealthTowers, within the wisdom that you fairly earned,
by neglecting to use your HealthTowers, all those times that you got burned.

Yes, let's get past the HealthTowers, and what they've meant to you,
can we leave a brighter time behind, within that HealthTower view.
Is there anything we touch or do, is there anything about me or you,
that says we should use HealthTowers each day,
in hope of creating
a better way.