This is a Shapetalk about learning the master secrets of the universe.

Count two primary ways to become educated: Outside in, and inside out.

Education from the outside in cannot compare to education from inside out.

What we learn from within not only sticks better, it also continues to grow up.

Educating yourself more is a particularly bright way to begin the rest of your life.

Having extraordinarily bright and accomplished people on your side certainly helps.

The simplicity of imitating the people who consistently do it better than you is wonderful.

The simplicity of first identifying the people to imitate is a powerful tool in your own toolbox.

Your thoughts about "how" to get it done are far less important than why it should be achieved.

Thatís because the "how" is persistently, inevitably revealed when you have a strong enough "why."

The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity are your private peeks into the shortcuts,

the secrets and shortcuts of people who are repeatedly doing it much better than you have been,

the masters and millionaires, the champions and billionaires who routinely do things far better.

So, first, we identify what it is you most need to accomplish, and by what deadline, as well,

because a dream or a wish with a deadline transmogrifies itself into what we call a goal.

Knowing where you are going is how to prevent ending up somewhere else instead.

The Psychology of Longevity is already alive within you, operating all-naturally.

When you gunk up the works with artificial food, you get artificial health.

The Psychology of Shortcuts has long been working inside of you.

As a child, you knew much of the Psychology of Shortcuts.

Now, as an adult, you will use these tools intentionally,

achieving more in the next one hundred days-plus,

than you have in all your lifetime Ö combined.

Welcome to the greatest streak of your life,

your best and strongest winning streak,

by using the greatest of all shortcuts.

This is the ultimate winning streak,

because you will see it lasting,

beyond what you dreamed.

Welcome to the rest of it,

the best and the rest,

all to, and for, YOU.

Help the helpless,

as this helps you.

Sweet Shapetalk!

Wrap all these thoughts up into a coherent fabric you work to your mutual benefit.

Information is magnificent only insofar as you use that information to your own profit.

At the bottom of each Shapetalk, at the bottom of each page of life, we have foundations.

Opinions are table tops without legs, no foundation, no facts of experience to stand upon.

Personal experience, and knowledge beyond a hundred facts, are legs to keep the table up.

The shortcuts and secrets shared within the Psychology of Shortcuts are those very legs.

Give yourself the table legs needed to keep the entire table upright, with better health.

The Psychology of Longevity endeavors to help you to help yourself, naturally,

while the Psychology of Shortcuts speaks to success outside of health.

There is no greater wealth than health, so keep yourself fit and fine.

After the Psychology of Longevity becomes second nature,

the Psychology of Shortcuts will work even better.

Learn more, so that you can live and give more.

The more we learn, the better our decisions.

Welcome to YOUR personal education,

in master secrets of the universe.

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