More than ever before,
in order to benefit you and yours,
effecting dramatic improvements in all you do,
with free, radical, tiny changes in your actions today,
the time has come to recognize that your interest is mine,
that my interests feed and nourish the results in your own efforts.
As the world operates evermore interactively, shrinking vast distances,
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires can disseminate their secrets.
Those who produce at high levels with mutual interest at heart end up with the most success,
enjoying personal comforts and pleasures while provisioning the future of their children and grandchildren,
leaving so much to be invested into helping those who are having trouble helping themselves and their children.
This way of supplanting greed for bags of money, with desire to serve and empower, assures repeated growth of success.
When you realize you live better than most all the humans who have ever lived, conservation and profit get easier.
The Psychology of Shortcuts exists because the more you learn, the more and better you can live... and give.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is free for your life because the vastness of its power is already in you.
Your very life and the hundreds of tasks you have already masterered,
your wins and losses, the times that you give up or persevere,
these are all avatars of the Psychology of Shortcuts,
How little or great your results become,
are now and forever tied to you,
to your thoughts and actions,
based on what you do
in the next minute.

We start by proving how indisputably foolish you have been, and still continue to be.
Doing so successfully unlocks instantly a greater portion of your own reserves of power.
Unless you have read a book or three before breakfast for fifteen thousand days in a row,
it is reasonable to see that you do not know a thousandth of what you think you know.
If you are willing to close your one mouth so you can use your eyes twice as much,
if you are happy to use your two ears and nostrils twice as much as your mouth,
you will find that the next one hundred days of your life quite astonishing.
That you have made it here to this page, one of so many, many billions,
is, in itself, proof of the magic of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
The only human to produce millions of search engine listings.
MILLIONS of listings for millions of unique pages.
Count not a single shopping cart on any of them.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is about you.
Prepare for your greatest adventure,
the awakening of your true genius,
all within one hundred days or so,
and, just a bit free for your life.
MisterShortcut is your coach, mentor, and fan club.
You will neither meet MisterShortcut, nor thank him.
At least, you will not thank him in person, now or ever.
You cannot send MisterShortcut money, because you haven't enough.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is the world's first trillion-dollar network.
The one private site distributed among hundreds of unique servers, globally.
That is to ensure that these omnipotent secrets and shortcuts strive to survive.
You can always move on to the next shortcut if a shortcut does not appeal to you.
These shortcuts are special shortcuts, in that each of them, a PowerGem, is universal.
That means that each PowerGem will work within the range of just about every human activity.
Using two or more PowerGems together will almost always, rarely ever with failure, yield hugely.
Having completed your first useful insight into the Psychology of Shortcuts, keep moving forwards.