16,000 Books Just Three Years Ago - Now Up To 17,000!
Master Secrets Of The Universe from the most well-read human of all time

The more books you read, the more you learn. The more you learn, the wiser your decisions tend to be
What is the value in reading 16,000 books, if not to share their wisdom?
Money-making and credibility are, as often as not, antithetical to each other.
Recognition is oft-translated into income opportunities, serving interest to one.
Living a life of value certainly means living beyond the mere acquisition of wealth.
By neither soliciting nor accepting your many generous offers involving these two vices,
the Psychology of Shortcuts merits its global credibility. It's why it's free for your life.
Imitating masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, is close to magical in its yield.
The first regulata of the Psychology of Shortcuts? Every human activity has potent, utile shortcuts.
Specifically, the shortcuts of those who know best, who qualify to be known as 'the horse's mouth'
Thus, the first premise of the Psychology of Shortcuts is that we can get it from the horse's mouth,
or we can get find ourselves at the wrong end of the horse. Most everything else is mere chatter.
Those who show it the best know it the best. Your actions on this knowledge tell all.
You tell us what you can do, and your actions tell us so much better, hm?
The most accurate way we have today to assess anyone's intelligence,
is nothing more or less than an observation of a single day of life.
What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.
Whatever you need to be world-class at, identify the masters.
Look for masters and champions who are doing it better.
Ask ten or ask a hundred of them for only ten minutes.
Tell them you want to be like them when you grow up,
to contribute to the world as they have and still do.
Ten minutes of their time is all you need to seek.
Those ten minutes, for the ones who say "ok,"
will fill you with hope, energy, knowledge.
Your power doubles with each interview.
You can even offer them lunch, right?
Same premise, as one-time mentor.
Before lunch is over you will know.
By a dozen lunches you will have.
PowerGems cannot fail to work,
we can only fail to work them.
Ask more people more times.
It is the secret of billionaires

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Share the Psychology of Shortcuts With Global Generosity!

Share the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity with YOUR intimates,
the people you most wish to assist, and to empower in their own pursuit of success,
for the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity can be used by all.
The more we give away in life, the more that life repays our repeat generosity.
Empower people to empower themselves, effectively teaching us all to help.
The helpless of the world, whether creature or human, within air, sea, land,
all cry out to you to remediate the unconscionable greed of the wealthiest.

Share the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity today.
Help to even up the playing field, living a life that lives beyond you.
How you spend your minutes shows how you're spending your life.
You get to double all results every hundred tries or so if you wish.
All masters of success can verify these master secrets of life.
The more you reach to help others, the more life reaches you.
Before you do more, cease pretending that you know more.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, correct?
Act the way you want to be to become the way you act.
When you imitate the great masters of this universe,
you imitate the results of these great role models.
PowerGems are of the masters of this universe.
You know more than those who still do more?
Speaking less, and doing more, is yours.
Share the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Let us even the playing field.

17,000 is a big number, and yet it wasn't 17,000 books at once - it was a a book or two per day for 15,800 days.
There is surely something inside of you worth pursuing 17,000 of, whether it's books, or something else vital to you.
Decide what YOUR 17,000 is, and then pursuit it with all your heart... no less than 17,000 times.

That is when you will be living YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts.

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Shapetalking has been a pleasure and privilege of MisterShortcut, crafted most of all to help you to help yourself,
to empower you to empower yourself, using the master secrets of the universe, the greatest shortcuts of great people,
the masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, who brought their own forms of shapetalking for us all to see.

Now, it's YOUR turn. Whatever form of shapetalking exists within you, whatever art forms are in you, bring them out for us to see.

Excellence cannot happen by accident!
We await the moment you decide to shed mediocrity and go for YOUR gold.

Welcome to the shapetalking capital of the world, where it's all about you reaching for, and achieving, a better you.
Surely you recognize that no one can succeed on your behalf, no one can hoe that row for you, so, let's consider moving up.
You already have possession of, control of, or basic access to, the majority of resources you'll ever need to succeed.
No one is suggesting you need to read a book per day for 16,000 days and beyond, rich though such actions make you.
What you ARE being urged to recognize is that any of us, all of us, can learn 3, 4, 5 NEW facts per day, hm?
That's a key cornerstone of wisdom, continually bringing new information into the brain for considering.
You can't learn less about anything, right? So, a few minutes per day, a few facts every day ...
and you'll rapidly find yourself developing more mastery in more arenas throughout life.
Let's awaken the proverbial giant within you!